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At Equity Homes, we take pride in providing the best value in new home building. How we do it and why it works is “our story”.

For years, the construction industry has been dominated by two types of builders:

The small local builder has dominated the larger custom home market due to their hands-on approach to building a truly custom home. Their attention to detail and connections to the best local subcontractors put them in a position to deliver the highest quality product. The problem, of course, is price. The time and effort expended by a small staff to manage several large custom home projects, control costs and pay attention to details results in a high cost per square foot.

The large national builders have dominated the smaller tract-style home market due to their purchasing power and organizational abilities. Their economies of scale and management abilities put them in a position to control costs. But, this comes at the expense of quality and customization. The lowest-priced subcontractors simply do not produce a high-quality home no matter how much you manage them. And just try to add some truly custom features to a tract-style home – they simply won’t allow it!

The Equity Homes Building System is a better idea. We successfully bring together the desirable results of high quality and low price. How? We build differently - instead of building a home for our customers, we build homes with our customers.

Equity Homes is the premier owner-assisted homebuilder. We have helped hundreds of customers overcome the intimidating hurdles inherent in the homebuilding industry and build equity for themselves and their families. We accomplish this with a unique partnership approach to homebuilding that’s fast becoming the homebuilding method of choice for today’s value-conscious consumer.

Your involvement in the building process is what makes us different. Equity Homes is truly different, which is why you should talk to us before making a decision about the construction of your new home.
We would love to talk to you about
your ideas for your home!

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